Cost-benefit analysis of internet therapeutic intervention on patients with diabetes.

Source: Deng, L., et al. 2015 - Pubmed ID: 25926853

Setting: Canada, 1 hospital and 1 Endocrine Research Society.

Study design:


Follow up: Patients were surveyed to as­sess the costs associated with doctor appointments in the past 12 months.

Patient group:

Sample size:

Total: 200

IG: 100

CG: 100

Inclusion criteria: Patients with diabetes reporting blood glucose online

Type of technology:

Home monitoring

– Glucometer

Online reporting platform

– uploading data

– data transfer


Intervention: Patients upload data on blood glucose on online platform, recommended every second week. Endocrinologists review the reports and send feedback directly to the patients via email. Recommendations included: medication adjustments, suggestions on testing frequency and lifestyle modifications.

Duration: 12 months

Add on: NA


Control group: routine care

Clinical effect/ Patient safety:

Clinical effect:

– Cost of transportation →

– Cost missed work →

– Total visits medical service →

Patient safety:


Patient experiences/ Staff experiences:

Patient experiences:

Selfmonitoring blood glucose:

– Intervention 3.06 times/day

– Control 1.83 ties/day

Staff experiences: NA

Costs and organization:


Home monitoring equipment

– Blood glucose


Staff resources

– staff for monitoring clinical data and for emailing patients



Health care utilization:

– Total visits medical service →

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“↑”: Statistically significant increase

“↓”: Statistically significant decrease

“→”: Statistically insignificant (no difference)