Effects of continuous care for patients with type 2 diabetes using mobile health application: A randomised controlled trial.

Source: Wang, Y., et al. 2019 - Pubmed ID: 31368137

Setting: China, Hospital

Study design:



Follow up: 6 months

Patient group:

Sample size:

Total: 120

IG: 60

CG: 60


Inclusion criteria:

  • Diabetes type 2
  • Aged 30-60 years
  • HbA1c greater than 7.0%
Type of technology:


  • Data monitoring
  • Data transfer
  •  Guidance
  •  Messaging

Intervention:  Daily blood glucose and lifestyle monitoring via the health app. Recommendations on dietary and exercise based on records were provided in the app weekly. Nurses followed up once a week after discharge for 3 months and then once a month on the mobile service platform when the patient’s blood sugar level was stable.


Duration: 6 months
Add on:


Control group: Guidance before discharge from hospital. One follow up telephone call the first week and the first month after discharge.

Clinical effect/ Patient safety:

Clinical effect:

  • Disease awareness ↑
  • Self management ability ↑
  • HbA1c ↓
  • Fast Bg ↓
  • Postprandial Bg ↓

Patient safety:

Patient experiences/ Staff experiences:

Patient experiences: NA

Staff experiences: NA

Costs and organization:


Staff resources

  • Development of app


Staff resources

  • Monitoring data
  • Messaging


Organization: NA


Health care utilization:

  • Rehospitalisation ↓
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“↑”: Statistically significant increase

“↓”: Statistically significant decrease

“→”: Statistically insignificant (no difference)