Evaluation of mobile phone and Internet intervention on waist circumference and blood pressure in post-menopausal women with abdominal obesity.

Source: Park, M. J. and H. S. Kim 2012 - Pubmed ID: 22265810

Setting: South Korea, Tertiary care hospital

Study design:

CT -pro


Follow up: 12 weeks

Patient group:

Sample size:

Total: 79 (67)

IG: 42 (34)

CG: 37 (33)


Inclusion criteria:

  • Women
  • Abdominal obesity (WC>80 cm)
Type of technology:


  • Messaging
  • Education


  • Data transfer
  • Monitoring

Home monitoring

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight

Intervention: Patients upload clinical data to webpage. Health provider view information and conducted recommendations for patients via internet or SMS. Staff provided 3 sms/week, 2 were according to manual and included greetings on the new week on Monday and encourage of life style modification on Wednesday. Friday the staff provided individualized recommendations to the patient based on clinical data.


Duration: 12 weeks
Add on: NA


Control group: NA

Clinical effect/ Patient safety:

Clinical effect:

  • Waist circumference ↓
  • Bodyweight ↓
  • Blood pressure sys ↓
  • Blood pressure dia ↓
  • Fasting plasma glucose →
  • Cholesterol ↓

Patient safety: NA

Patient experiences/ Staff experiences:

Patient experiences:  NA

Staff experiences: NA

Costs and organization:


  • Blood pressure
  • Weight measure

Staff resources

  • Development of webpage


Staff resources

  • Training patient (30 min before intervention)
  • Messaging patients with recommendations

Organization: NA

Health care utilization: NA

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“↑”: Statistically significant increase

“↓”: Statistically significant decrease

“→”: Statistically insignificant (no difference)