Personalised telehealth intervention for chronic disease management: A pilot randomised controlled trial.

Source: Bohingamu Mudiy-anselage, S., et al. 2019 - Pubmed ID: 29793387

Setting: Australia, Regional health service center

Study design:


Follow up: 12 months

Patient group:

Sample size:

Total: 177 (163)

IG: 88 (83)

CG: 89(80)

Inclusion criteria:

– Diabetes and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

– high risk for readmission

Type of technology:

Home monitoring equipment:

– tablet

– peripheral monitoring equipment


– health coaching

Technology platform:

– Remote Patient Monitoring from TELUS®



– Pt collect biometric readings and enter daily answers to health questionnaire

– Nurses and specialist consultant provide an individualized care plan with upper and lower limits on individual parameters.

-Nurses identify when data are outside threshold and respond to pt.

Duration: 12 months

Add on:  NA

Control group:

Usual care

Clinical effect/ Patient safety:

Clinical effect (for both diabetes and COPD and both) :

– Bp →

– HbA1c →

– Total cholesterol →

– Triglyceride →

– Microalbumin ↓

– GAD-7, anxiety↓(improved)

– PHQ-9 depression ↓(improved)

– health literacy domains (HeiQ): 4/8 domains ↑ (improvement)

4/8 domains →

Patient safety:


Patient experiences/ Staff experiences:

Patient experiences: NA

Staff experiences: NA

Costs and organization:



– monitoring equipment

– Remote Patient Monitoring platform from TELUS®


Staff resources

– Monitoring patient data

– on call staff

– pt. coaching sessions


Written or telephone contact with primary care (GP)

Health care utilization:

– Hospital admissions →

– mean hospital length of stay → (acute admissions ↓)

– mean hospital cost ↓

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“↑”: Statistically significant increase

“↓”: Statistically significant decrease

“→”: Statistically insignificant (no difference)