Sugarsquare, a Web-Based Patient Portal for Parents of a Child With Type 1 Diabetes: Multicenter Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial.

Source: Boogerd, E., et al. (2017) - Pubmed ID: 28830853

Setting: Netherland, 7 medical centers

Study design:

RCT (feasibility)


Follow up: 6 months

(12 months follow up data not analyzed in the study)

Patient group:

Sample size:

Total: 142 (105)

IG: 77 (54)

CG: 65 (51)


Inclusion criteria:

  • Parents of children with T1D below the age of 13 years
Type of technology:


  • Education
  • Communication
  • Peer-support

Intervention: Sugarsquare, a web-based patient portal providing online parent-professional communication, peer support, and disease information.


Duration: 6 months

Add on: +


Control group: All children received care as usual, according to International Guidelines for Pediatric Diabetes Care

Clinical effect/ Patient safety:

Clinical effect:

  • PSI (stresscore) →
  • HbA1c →

Patient safety: NA

Patient experiences/ Staff experiences:

Patient experiences:

  • 59% (n=32) in IG used Sugarsquare.
  • 11 (34%) logged in repeatedly, at least once every 2 weeks, 9 (28%) logged in incidentally (3 times or more, but under once every 2 weeks), 16 (41%) logged in once or twice

Staff experiences: Of the total of 44 professionals, 34 (77%) logged in, and 32 (73%) logged in repeatedly.

Costs and organization:



  • Development of webpage

Staff resources

  • Education


Staff resources

  • Communication with patients online

Organization: NA


Health care utilization: NA

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“↑”: Statistically significant increase

“↓”: Statistically significant decrease

“→”: Statistically insignificant (no difference)